Hydro One Scheduled Vegetation Maintenance

I would like to share an update regarding Hydro One’s scheduled vegetation maintenance in the hydro corridor between Station Road going south to Highway 417. Completing this important work ensures the corridor is safe for public use and gives the Hydro One crews access to the power lines for regular maintenance and emergency repairs.

The Hydro One Forestry Technician is set to begin marking the trees and vegetation identified for trimming and removal starting next week, and the crews will begin executing the required work next week as well. Residents whose properties are affected by this scheduled maintenance work will be notified prior to the work taking place to ensure they are aware of the marking and execution start date. 

The Hydro One crews will trim and remove trees and other vegetation that will pose a risk to the electrical system in the short term and will remove certain species of fast-growing younger trees that will also pose a risk to the electrical system. To complete this work, the crews will use handheld equipment, such as pruners and chainsaws, and support vehicles, such as bucket trucks. Herbicides may be applied to certain cut stems to prevent re-growth. Hydro One will always seek property owners’ permission before applying herbicides. 

The Hydro One Forestry Technician will be on-site as work is being executed to address any concerns residents may have. 

Please reach out to me directly if you have any questions or concerns.