Proposed Development at 100 Steacie Drive

I have heard from many residents in our community regarding the proposed development at 100 Steacie DriveIn December, I met with the applicant to review their proposal before it was submitted to the city. In that meeting, I voiced my concerns regarding local traffic, sufficient parking, the cycling and pedestrian connections as well as the density and overall compatibility with the surrounding neighbourhood.

As you can see from the below map, the parcel of land highlighted in blue is the proposed development location. This is at the far west end of Steacie Drive on the north side of the road with commercial buildings. This proposed development would not affect the soccer fields as it is located north of the hydro corridor. The proposed development area is designated as a General Urban area in the City of Ottawa’s Official Plan, which means that it could be rezoned for residential purposes.   

As per the Planning Act, the developer is not required to host a community meeting for this proposed application. Statutory public meetings are only required for plan of subdivision applications. For all other application types, the statutory meeting is the Planning Committee meeting. However, I have scheduled a virtual community meeting to discuss this proposed development as I want to ensure residents have the opportunity to voice any concerns with the developer and the city. The meeting is taking place virtually on Thursday, February 4 from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. It will be streamed live on my website and social channels:

The development application details can be found here.