OC Transpo Transit Works Project in Kanata North

Infrastructure Services has informed me about a Transit Works project that will begin construction in the springThe project consists of transit modifications at three locations in the City of Ottawa, at Labelle Street at Lemieux Street as well as two locations in our community: 

  • Goulbourn Forced Road at Innovation Drive 
  • Terry Fox Drive and March Road (at access to 375 Terry Fox Drive)

Changes are being made to increase safety as well as OC Transpo route efficiencies. I am providing details and background information below, should you be interested.

Background Information and Project Details: Goulbourn Forced Road at Innovation Drive 

In 2016, OC Transpo opened Innovation Station and Park Ride, located at the intersection of Terry Fox and Innovation. Upon the opening of the new facility, several bus routes were modified to provide service to the new station. 

Although the station was designed specifically to accommodate the necessary bus movements, the intersection of Goulbourn Forced Road and Innovation was outside of the scope of the facility. This means that this intersection was not modified to permit buses accessing the south end of the bus station to make the turn without encroaching onto the curb and the sidewalk. The scope of this project will be to modify the north-west radius of the intersection of Innovation and Goulbourn Forced Road, to permit buses to complete the turn safely and efficiently without encroaching onto the sidewalk or into the eastbound lanes of Goulbourn Forced Road.  

Asphalt walkways behind the realigned curb will be reconstructed to maintain constant boulevard width of 1.5 m so even though the curb will be pulled back, the walkways will not come any closer to the roadways as a result. This is to maintain existing separation from vehicular traffic and ensure safe space for pedestrians. A Tactile Walking Surface Indicator (TWSI) will also be added at the depressed curb for the north-south crosswalk. 

Example of a Tactile Walking Surface Indicator

Background Information and Project DetailsTerry Fox Drive and March Road 

You may recall that in 2016, with the opening of the Innovation Park Ride, several route adjustments occurred in Kanata North. One such modification included a change to the route patterns and movements at the intersection of Terry Fox Drive and March Road. Some buses began to continue eastbound along Terry Fox Drive and across March Road instead of making a right turn to travel southbound on March Road.   

This route change created an issue for the eastbound bus stop on Terry Fox, just west of March Road. The bus stop is currently located in the right turn channel, which is acceptable when buses are making the right turn. However, for a bus continuing eastbound on Terry Fox, it must pull into the right turn lane to service customers, and then merge back into the eastbound through lane before continuing through the intersection. This movement is challenging, especially given the volume of vehicles, which travel along Terry Fox Drive on any given day.

The presence of the dedicated on-street bike lane that approaches the intersection between the right turn lane and east bound through lane makes this movement even more challenging. Buses are required to cross this bike lane to enter the turn lane to service the bus stop and are required to cross the bike lane again to re-enter the eastbound through lane. This is not ideal for cyclists from a safety perspective. Furthermore, these movements result in delays to buses and all customers onboard each time the bus stop is serviced.

As such, the scope of this project will be to relocate the bus stop from its current position to a new location further west along Terry Fox before the development of the right turn lane. By relocating the bus stop further west out of the turn lane, buses will be able to service the stop from the eastbound through lane, without having to enter the right turn lane. As such, the challenging merge back into the eastbound through lane from the existing stop will be eliminated. The proposed change will make the bus stop safer for all road users and will also reduce travel times for buses and all customers onboard.  

I am looking forward to these changes being implemented to further increase safety in our community. Construction is scheduled to begin in May 2021.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.