Proposed Multi-Use Pathway on Old Second Line Road

To further increase safety in our community, I have been working with city staff to fill in missing links for pedestrians crossing at Old Second Line and Terry Fox Drive. A particular concern is the safety of children who attend Kanata Highlands Public School and St. Isabel Catholic Elementary School. To address this, a new multi-use pathway (MUP) along the east side of Old Second Line Road from Terry Fox Drive is being proposed. 

Old Second Line Road Multi-Use Pathway

There is already a multi-use pathway on the east side of Old Second Line Road, which does not connect to Terry Fox Drive. Currently, the existing MUP transitions from an off-road path to the roadside shoulder north of Terry Fox Drive. The section on the east side shoulder is not a comfortable path for pedestrians, especially children.  

The new proposed 110 metre MUP will complete a missing link and improve walkability for pedestrians and safety for cyclists. It will provide a direct and safe connection to Kanata Highlands Public School and the MUP located on the south side of Terry Fox. This MUP provides access to St. Isabel Catholic Elementary School, Innovation Park Ride and Richcraft Recreation Centre.  

Other features of this project include the addition of uni-directional crossride and bicycle signals at the Old Second Line Road and Terry Fox Drive intersection.  

Proposed Multi-Use Pathway on Goulbourn Forced Road  

Another project currently under consideration is a MUP on the east side of Goulbourn Forced Road from Terry Fox Drive, southbound for 90 metres. This would also include a new pedestrian crossover (PXO) in the vicinity of St. Isabel Catholic Elementary School.  

Goulbourn Forced Road Multi-Use Pathway

Additional information and a survey on these projects are available on the city’s website hereComments can be provided by completing the survey or via email to until March 15th, 2021.  

A virtual public consultation on these projects will be part of tomorrow’s virtual community meetingFebruary 23rd at 7:00 p.m. Staff will conduct a short presentation and will be available to answer questions. 

I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow!