Tree Clearing at 936 March Road

In 2019, the city received a proposed application for a Plan of Subdivision from Minto. The location for this is 936 March Road, which is currently in Ward 5 / West Carleton-March, however, it is part of the Kanata North Expansion Lands and the area will become part of Ward 4 / Kanata North in 2022.


I have been informed by city staff that Minto has received a Tree Removal Permit that allows them to do some tree clearing on their lands in the development area. 

The tree removal is required due to grading, site servicing, and density of the development. The existing tree cover is relatively poor quality. Removing the older (and some dying) trees and then planting new trees in the area after the construction, will provide better quality coverage over time. I have been told by the city’s forester on this file, that these forested areas and the hedgerows are typical for this region and generally in degraded shape due to poor site conditions. These small forested areas are abandoned unproductive farm fields or wet areas that were never good for agricultural clearing. I can assure you that the applicant has met all the provincial requirements for any species at risk and has been provided their approval to proceed. 

Some trees / hedgerows will be removed between the new subdivision and the homes along Windance Crescent and Cecil Ridge.  Cutting will stop 6m from the south property lineUnfortunately, there may be potential need for some additional removals within this 6m limit to accommodate grading; however, Minto is finalizing this now and it is expected to be very limited in scope. 

Please see the below map for details. 

Please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have: