ClubLink Update #39

I’m very disappointed to share that I have just been notified that ClubLink has served the City with an appeal against Justice Labrosse’s decision in the ClubLink matter. This appeal will be filed with the Ontario Court of Appeal next week.

Just two weeks ago, on February 19, Justice Labrosse ruled in our favour that the Forty Percent Agreement is valid and is to be upheld.

Today’s news is very disappointing for our community, but our fight against ClubLink to protect our Kanata North greenspace is not over yet. The City’s legal team is in the process of reviewing the appeal. You can find a copy here.

I will continue to work closely with the City’s legal team. I know how much this greenspace means to our community, and I will notify the community as soon as I learn more about next steps. Thank you for your continued support in our fight against ClubLink. I believe in our community; I believe that we are on the right side of this issue and that ultimately this appeal will not be granted.