Proposed Traffic Calming Measures on Halton Terrace  

As part of the Traffic Calming in School Areas initiative, created by the 2020 Council-approved Road Safety Action Plan, the city is conducting a traffic calming study on Halton Terrace near Jack Donohue Public School.  

Traffic Calming Study Area 

The purpose of this study is to increase safety of students and pedestrians and reduce the negative impacts of motorists. Based on traffic data and in coordination with various stakeholders, staff have designed two possible traffic calming concepts to address these issues.  

 Option #1 (Preferred Option)  

This option includes:  

  • 4 sets of speed cushions (similar to speed humps, but these do not cover the entire width of the road)  
  • pedestrian crossovers (identified in green in the image below)  
  • An edge line in front of the school (identified in red in the image below)  

This option is recommended versus Option #2 (Alternate Option) as it is more effective at reducing speeds, costs less to implement, includes a second pedestrian crossover, and will minimize the loss of on-street parking. 

 Option #1 (Preferred Option)  

Option #2 (Alternate Option)  

 This option includes:  

  • 5 mid-block bulbouts (identified in orange in the image below)  
  • 1 intersection bulb-out at Edgemoore Crescent (identified in purple in the image below)  
  • 1 new median (identified in blue in the image below) 
  • 1 pedestrian crossover (identified in green in the image below)  
  • Edge lines from south of Teskiwa Crescent to west of Dunollie Crescent  

 The benefits of the Alternate Option are that it is effective at speed reduction and the lack of vertical measures will prevent the “bump” as you use the road.  

Option #2 (Alternate Option) 

 Online Consultation  

The city is seeking feedback on these two proposed concept designs until June 21st2021 via online survey on the city website here: Halton Terrace – Jack Donohue Public School Traffic Calming Study | City of Ottawa 

 Public Consultation  

I will be hosting a virtual public meeting about this study and the two proposed traffic calming options on Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. Staff will conduct a short presentation and be available for questions. Meeting details here.

 Next Steps 

When the survey closes, staff will compile all feedback and comments received into an “As We Heard It” Report that will be shared with the community. This information will be considered in addition to traffic data to develop a final functional design plan.  

When the final design has been prepared and funding secured, the traffic calming plan will proceed to the detailed design phase, followed by construction. This will take 1-2 years to complete.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or the project manager, Jason Endrawis, at