Kanata North Mosquito Nuisance Program Weekly Update 

Good afternoon Kanata North,  

I’m pleased to share that the mosquito treatment is underway and going well. The details below are from the week of May 16th to 22nd, 2021. 

Emergence of residual mosquitoes from the spring treatment. 

 Over the past weeks, my team and I heard from many residents who experience a high volume of mosquitoes in their neighbourhoods. I have been informed by GDG that this is due to the emergence of residual adult mosquitoes from the spring treatment. We went from 0 mosquitoes to some mosquitoes. When these older mosquitoes emerge, they are usually aggressive, and they have a large appetite. In this point of a mosquito’s life, they feed a great deal so they can complete their life cycle. The nuisance should dissipate significantly in the next few days. 

Please contact GDG directly at info.mosquito@gdg.ca or by calling 1-877-227-0552 should you have feedback or concerns regarding a specific location in our community. 

 Weekly report from 16th to 22nd, 2021 

  • There was no accumulation of water during this timeframe. There was presence of larvae found in the field. 
  • At the end of the week, there were no larvae remaining. 
  • Both ground and aerial treatments were completed this week. 
  • The second aerial treatment by drone started May 13th and was completed on May 18th 
  • Ground treatment started on May 14th and was completed on May 19th. 
  • Post-treatment was done showing 100% larval mortality. 
  • Sweep tests were done, and the results are as follows:  
Address   Time   Mosquito   Black flies   Other species  
194 Calvington Ave.   18:18       15  
35 Arkose St.   18:41       15  
50 Flamborough Way   19:00       10  
124 Marsh Sparrow Pvt   19:38        
130 Walden Dr.   19:50       10  
400 Goldridge   20:11       20  
Keyrock Park   20:29       10  
2600 Campeau Dr.   20:58       30  


  • Trapping continued this week as well. 
  • 362 Laughlin Circle  
  • South March Highlands Trail Network  
  • Marshes Village, 39 Turtle Point Private  
  • 228 Saddleback Cres, Arcadia  
  • Beaver Pond Park  
  • Jim Malone Park 
  • No treatment expected for this week (May 23rd to 29th) 
  • Prospection will be done to monitor water level and larval presence 

If you have any further questions about the Kanata North Mosquito Nuisance Program, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  

Take care,  

Jenna Sudds