Road Closure on Walden Dr and Beaver Pond Parking Lot 

I have recently been informed that the parking lot at the Beaver Pond will be closed due to some upcoming construction required for the KNL Phase 9 developmentThis closure is due to construction of the culvert across Walden Drive to connect the watermain.

For those who wish to visit and walk near the pond, onstreet parking is available in the area during this construction.  

The closure will be in effect from July 23rd or 26th until December 1st, 2021.The pathway on North side of the pond will remain open during this construction.

Also, please note that the pathway from Kimmins Court to the pond will need to be closed during this construction to ensure everyone’s safety (illustrated in red in the below image). 

Additional information on the Beaver Pond parking lot:  

  • The servicing and road design approvals date back to 2018; however, city staff delayed issuing the commence work order until recently when related tree works were completed. 
  • The current gravel parking lot, as part of the right-of-way, was a temporary measure put in place until the road was formally completed. 
  • Walden Drive will be straightened out as part of new construction and work within the right-of-way. A sidewalk and trees will be located where the current parking lot exists. 
  • Once the section between Kimmins Court and Iron Bridge Place (new street in Phase 9) is constructed, on-street parking will be available and will accommodate more parking than the current Beaver Pond parking lot.  
  • In addition, a new parking lot is currently being constructed at the other end of the pond, at the new Kizell Trail head on Goulbourn Forced Road.