Kanata Town Centre Pedestrian Bridge proposed to be named after Marianne Wilkinson  

Former Councillor and Kanata Mayor, Marianne Wilkinson has been a strong advocate and dedicated resident of Kanata since 1968. I’m very pleased to share that, during Council today, the Mayor and I tabled a notice of motion seeking support that the Kanata Town Centre pedestrian bridge, which runs over Highway 417, be re-named “Marianne Wilkinson Bridge” to commemorate her years of service in our community.  

Marianne Wilkinson was an early trailblazer and role model for women in municipal politics. She ran for the March township Council in 1970, and she became the first mayor of Kanata in 1978. But above being a politician, Marianne Wilkinson was a public servant, with the needs of the public at the forefront of her endeavours. Her work for the Kanata Food Cupboard, the Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre, the Kanata Choral Association, and her decades of service in public office has made our community a better place to live, work, and raise our families. 

Marianne was instrumental in laying the foundations for our community to grow and prosper. She played an important role in facilitating the construction of the Kanata Town Centre pedestrian bridge, which connects Kanata North and South. This tribute to name this bridge after her is a very appropriate commemoration of her dedication to Kanata and the City of Ottawa. Thank you, Marianne, for your years of service, and for working so hard to help make our community what it is today. 

The motion will be discussed and voted on at the City Council meeting of June 23rd, 2021