ClubLink Update #43

As I shared on June 18, ClubLink resubmitted their development applications for the Kanata Golf and Country Club on June 17 to the city, at the same time as the virtual court proceedings were occurring regarding ClubLink’s appeal of Justice Labrosse’s ruling that the Forty Percent Agreement is to be upheld.

Key points: 

  • ClubLink resubmitted their zoning and plan of subdivision applications for developing the Kanata Golf and Country Club. 
  • The resubmission is a revised plan, with responses or adjustments made to address the latest round of technical comments. 
  • The resubmission can be viewed here. 
  • If you have previously submitted comments, these remain as part of the file. If you have any new comments to add, you can submit them to Laurel McCreight, City Planner, at by August 5, 2021.
  • It is very disappointing to see ClubLink resubmitting their development applications; however, please know that the same dedicated and skilled group of city planners and experts will be reviewing the resubmission. 

 What’s next? 

  • Once the deadline for comments passes, the planner will compile another round of technical comments for the applicant. 
  • Also, with the virtual appeal heard on June 17 by the Ontario Appeal Court, we are waiting for the Appeal Court decision on the expedited hearing. It is very difficult to estimate how long this will take. It is entirely in the hands of the court. Once that decision is rendered, it would impact next steps as to how the planning process is handled. 
  • Please note, ClubLink has also appealed to the LPAT for the lack of timely decision on their application. As I had shared on October 9, 2020list of issues to be discussed at the LPAT hearing have been agreed to by the parties. This is scheduled to be heard by the tribunal starting on Monday, January 17, 2022. 

I appreciate our community’s ongoing commitment to oppose this development, and I truly believe that we will prevail. Thank you for your continued support, and please know I will share any updates as soon as I receive them.