March Road Sanitary and Watermain Upgrade -Update #3 

Operations for the March Road Sanitary and Watermain upgrades project will continue over the next month. Work continues to progress well.  

The next 4-5 weeks will see the following operations take place:  

  • Continuation of the trenchless sanitary sewer installation on the northwest and northeast corners of Shirley’s Brook Drive and March Road.  
  • Continuation of the open cut sanitary sewer excavation on the west side of March Road from Shirley’s Brook Drive to north of Klondike Road. This work will progress to Klondike Road followed by the intersection closure on July 24-25.  
  • Continuation of the watermain open cut construction north of Maxwell Bridge Road on the east shoulder.  
  • Continuation of the watermain installation by horizontal directional drilling. This work will continue on the east shoulder of March Road at the northern end of the project (rural section, north of Maxwell Bridge Road). 

Upcoming Road Closure  

In order to complete the construction of the sanitary sewer through the Klondike Road intersection, the contractor will be closing Klondike Road (west leg) at March Road for approximately 2 days beginning July 24, 2021. The contractor will be circulating notices to the impacted businesses and residents prior to the closure. During the road closure, work will proceed for 24 hours per day until the contractor has cleared the intersection. During this work, police will be present as required. Traffic will be able to travel north and south on March Road, and the eastern leg of Klondike Road will be fully functional for the duration of this work. 

Pedestrian Impacts 

The west sidewalk of March Road will remain closed from Shirley’s Brook Drive/Morgan’s Grant to Klondike Road. This sidewalk closure on the west side of March Road will extend from Klondike Road to Halton Terrace once the intersection work at Klondike has been completed. 

There may also be temporary impacts to pedestrian access on the north west and south west corners of March Road and Klondike Road during the road closure mentioned above on July 24-25 

Traffic Impacts  

  • Traffic has been shifted to the west side of March Road just north of Maxwell Bridge Road. One lane each direction is always maintained. 
  • Lane shifts during working hours will be required in the rural section of March Road (north of Maxwell Bridge). Twoway traffic will be maintained; however, the southbound lane will be shifted onto the shoulder in the daytime. During non-working times, traffic will use existing lanes. 
  • Southbound traffic on March Road will continue to be reduced to one lane between Klondike Road and Shirley’s Brook Drive. The lane narrowing to one lane for southbound traffic will be shifted to the north side of Klondike Road as the sewer operation advances towards Klondike Road. 
  • Eastbound Shirley’s Brook Drive is reduced to one lane at the March Road intersection. 

The anticipated work areas are visible in green in the plan below.  



As always, I will continue to share updates when I have them. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.