Hydro One Work in Kanata Lakes near Walden Drive/Weslock Way 

Hydro One is undertaking extensive work on their overhead transmission lines throughout the city starting this summer and moving into the winter. As part of this work, Hydro One will be in Kanata North to work on the overheard transmission lines that pass through Kimmins Court Park and Weslock Park. To complete this work in a timely fashion, they’ve requested access to the walking path near the intersection of Walden Drive and Weslock WayThe project is starting this week with a predicted end date of December 18, 2021. 

Should the walking path be required to close to ensure residents’ safety, proper signage indicating closure dates will be put in place, and I will be sure to update our community.  

As part of the work, Hydro One will be trimming a sumac and Manitoba maple, as indicated on the below mapForestry has already authorized this trimming, and the procedure will be carried out to minimize any damage to the trees that line the path. 


 I have shared my concerns with the Hydro One team with regards to damage to the walking path, and I have been reassured that the teams are using rubber grousers over the steel tracks as well as rubber mats to help minimize damage. 

Please reach out should you have any questions or concerns.