Beaverbrook Traffic Calming Measures 

During the recent Leacock Drive/Varley Drive sidewalk consultations, many residents expressed concerns about speeding in the area. With three schools on these roads, I have been working with city staff to find a solution to help address residents’ concerns. 

Varley Drive and Leacock Drive have been selected for installing flex stakes to calm the flow and speed of traffic in the neighbourhood. Traffic is particularly heavy in these parts of our community with local traffic as well as school traffic. 

Flex stakes are a temporary traffic calming measure (TTC). They’re thin signs placed in the centre of the road with caution stripes and sometimes the speed limit. They are designed to narrow the road and make drivers more cautious as they pass them. 

In areas where the flex stakes are installed, street parking will be restricted. This will be indicated via signage. Additional speed limit signs and “Traffic Calmed Neighbourhood” signage will also be installed. I expect this is happening later this month before school starts.  

My sincere thanks to residents who shared their concerns. I look forward to seeing the impact this will have in improving safety in our community.