March Road Sanitary and Watermain Upgrade – Update #4 

I’m very pleased to share that the March Road Sanitary and Watermain upgrade project is progressing well and is on schedule. Today’s update provides you with an overview of what operations are anticipated to be taking place over the next 4-5 weeks:  

  • The continuation of the trenchless sanitary sewer installation on the northwest and northeast corners of Shirley’s Brook Drive and March Road. Once this operation has been completed (anticipated in 2-3 weeks), the equipment will move to the next section of trenchless installation running from the northeast corner of Shirley’s Brook Drive and March Road to the northwest corner of Shirley’s Brook Drive and Inverary Drive. 
  • Commencement of the trenchless operation under the creek, Shirley’s Brook Drive, and Sandhill Road.  
  • Continuation of the open cut sanitary sewer excavation on the west side of March Road from north of Klondike Road towards Halton Terrace. There is one pipe run still to be completed between Shirley’s Brook and Klondike, which requires the trenchless operation to be finalized before it can be completed and this section of roadway will be reinstated. 
  • Continuation of the watermain construction. The majority of the pipe along March Road has been installed. The remaining work to complete the watermain is installing the hydrants and the service crossings (see below under Traffic). 

  • One open lane – March Road between Maxwell Bridge Road/Holton Terrace and Dunrobin Road – which began August 9th, anticipated to continue for 2-3 weeks. 
  • In order to complete the construction of the sanitary sewer and watermain roadway crossings, the contractor will be flagging March Road (rural section) at various locations between Maxwell Bridge Road and the northern project limits. Flagging will be occurring in off peak hours (9am-3pm) with the possibility of some weekend work being undertaken. The contractor has installed Portable Variable Message Signs advising the public to anticipate delays.  

Noise and Vibrations 

Significant groundwater has been found at the southern end of the project, which has necessitated operating pumps 24 hrs/day. A noise permit has been obtained because the generators have been operating through the night. The contractor has applied for another noise permit on Shirley’s Brook Drive and Inverary in anticipation of similar 24hr generator use requirements. 


The west sidewalk of March Road will remain closed from Shirley’s Brook Drive/Morgan’s Grant to Halton Terrace. There will be impacts to one of the pathways in the Shirley’s Brook Park related to the trenchless works. Temporary facilities/detours will be provided as required.   


  • Traffic has been shifted to the west side of March Road just north of Maxwell Bridge Road. One lane each direction is being maintained at all times. 
  • Lane shifts during working hours will be required in the rural section of March Road (north of Maxwell Bridge). Lane reductions to 1 lane will be required. 
  • Southbound traffic on March Road will continue to be reduced to one lane between Halton Terrace and Shirley’s Brook Drive. The lane narrowing to one lane for southbound traffic will be shifted to the north side of Klondike Road as the sewer operation advances towards Klondike Road. 
  • Eastbound Shirley’s Brook Drive is reduced to one lane at the March Road intersection. 
  • Lane narrowing along Shirley’s Brook Drive, Sandhill Road and Inverary Drive, with intermittent flagging during working hours for Inverary Drive. 

 As always, I will continue to share updates when I have them. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.