Committee approves $1.4-billion operating budget for community and protective services

The City’s Community and Protective Services Committee today recommended Council approve its portions of the Draft Budget for 2022, which represents a $1.4-billion total gross operating budget.

To better serve Ottawa’s growing population and address increasing emergency call volumes, the City would invest $1.3 million to hire 14 new paramedics and purchase the emergency vehicles needed to support them.

The City would invest $17 million to develop more affordable and supportive housing, which includes approximately $15 million in capital and $2 million in development charge exemptions for residents in greatest need. This brings the City’s total investment in housing and homelessness to $51 million in this current four-year Term of Council.

The budget invests close to $27 million to ensure that non-profit providers can deliver social service supports to Ottawa residents facing the greatest need. The City would also commit $760,000 for a dedicated team to continue work on the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan, including four new full-time staff.

The budget makes a commitment to care for residents of the City’s long-term care homes by adding resources for staff to deliver three hours of daily personal care per resident, along with $7.2 million to renovate the homes and to replace furniture and equipment.

The City would invest in its parks, recreation and cultural facilities, with $25.5 million earmarked to renew and enhance this infrastructure across Ottawa. Most recreation and cultural facility rental fees, admissions, memberships and program registrations would increase by 2 per cent. 

Council will consider the Draft Budget on Wednesday, December 8.