Community Voice Column

I have really enjoyed my first few weeks as your City Councillor. With Budget Committee delegations at all committees, my first few weeks involved listening to many people all across Ottawa share their concerns about the upcoming Municipal Budget. With delegations and discussions taking place right up until December 7th, I would appreciate hearing from you regarding your thoughts on some of the increases and changes and the rationale for those increases and changes. Others describe me as a fiscal conservative with a social conscience. I am also aware that this is not about me! Please let me know your thoughts on the proposed budget by sending me an email at

On a different note, I was asked which committees I wanted to be on and it made sense to me to be on many of the same committees on which former Councillor Sudds was a member. Given my experience on various boards across the city, the orientation sessions were a good review for me, and I feel that I am already up to speed and have set up a number of important meetings with Kanata’s Community Associations and Kanata’s key groups who represent specific residents who share similar interests, needs or concerns.

One of the great things about Kanata is how well its residents are able to have their voices heard. Thank you for making this easier for me! I cannot meet with every Kanata resident, but the groups who speak to me help me to hear most voices. On that note, I plan to be at the Ward 4 Office in the Mlacak Centre as many days as I can every week. I will post the hours I will be there on the site shortly. Please come and see me!


Cathy Curry