March Road Sanitary and Watermain Upgrade Update

Sharing a project update regarding the March Road Sanitary and Watermain Upgrade. The following operations are anticipated to be taking place from now until the Christmas break:

  1. Completion of the watermain work (Connection at March Road and Halton Terrace to be completed Nov 27-29).
  2. Continuation of open cut sanitary sewer installation north of Halton Terrace.
  3. Continuation of the trenchless installation work on Shirley’s Brook Drive from Inverary Drive to March Road.
  4. Continuation of the trenchless installations for culvert crossings in the rural section of March Road (north of Halton Terrace).
  5. Completion of reinstatements (utilities, concrete curb and sidewalk, base course asphalt) on March Road between Shirley’s Brook Drive and Halton Terrace. Asphalt will be left on base course for the winter with grinding in the adjacent travel lanes as required to provide a smooth driving surface. Landscaped areas will be topsoiled. Sodding and seeding will be completed next spring. Re-opening of the southbound travel lanes in this section is anticipated December 3, 2021.

Intersection Impacts – March Road at Halton Terrace/Maxwell Bridge Road – November 27-29, 2021

  1. Maxwell Bridge Road will be closed from March Road to Westmeath Crescent for the connection of the watermain and road cut reinstatement. Access to businesses will be maintained.

The following general impacts are anticipated due to this work:

Noise and Vibrations

  1. Significant groundwater is continuing to be encountered at the southern end of the project which has necessitated operating pumps 24hrs a day. Pumping has ceased on the north west corner of Morgan’s Grant and March Road, however it is still required on Shirley’s Brook Drive near Inverary for the foreseeable future.
  2. There will be blasting operations in the rural section of March for the remainder of the project. Required notifications will continue to be provided to the few homes and businesses in this area of the project.
  3. The trenchless entry shaft has been excavated so the vibrations and noise associated with the rock excavation on Shirley’s Brook Drive have subsided for the time being, however the micro tunnelling (horizontal rock drilling) operation will be commencing in the coming week which will generate some noticeable effects for the adjacent homeowners. All operations continued to be monitored and are all well within allowable limits.


  1. The west sidewalk of March Road from Shirley’s Brook Drive/Morgan’s Grant to Halton Terrace is anticipated to be re-opened by December 3, 2021.
  2. The Shirley’s Brook Park pathways have been temporarily reinstated, however they will be impacted again when the creek crossing resumes in January/February.


  1. Upcoming road closure of Maxwell Bridge Road Nov 27-29 (See Note 6).
  2. Traffic is being shifted as required on March Road north of Maxwell Bridge Road/Halton Terrace. One lane each direction is being maintained at all times. Reinstatements immediately north of the Halton Terrace/March Road intersection should be completed during the first 2 weeks of December.
  3. Lane shifts during working hours will be required in the rural section of March Road (north of Maxwell Bridge).
  4. Southbound traffic lanes on March Road south of Halton Terrace are anticipated to be reopened December 3, 2021.
  5. Eastbound Shirley’s Brook Drive is reduced to one lane at the March Road intersection.
  6. Lane narrowing along Shirley’s Brook Drive, Inverary Drive to March Road, with intermittent flagging during working hours for Inverary Drive.

Anticipated work areas for the coming weeks