Community Voice Column

It is hard to believe I have only been in this role for less than a month! So much is going on in Kanata North. On November 26, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled partially in ClubLink’s favour on a narrow legal point, citing that two clauses in the five-page Forty Percent Agreement were invalid because they violated the “rule against perpetuities.” However, the bulk of the Forty Percent Agreement remains intact. Good news for us; not good news for all long-term land agreements currently in place all over Ottawa, across Ontario, and, potentially, all across Canada given the possible precedent this ruling could set. Our City legal team has recommended that the City seek leave to appeal the decision on the two clauses to the Supreme Court of Canada. With the rest of the agreement still intact, the ruling indicates that the golf course must remain as a golf course. However, the court directed the City and ClubLink to figure out next steps or go back to the lower court judge. We will watch this carefully.

Please know, Kanata North, you have my full support in preserving our greenspace under the agreement and I will communicate all that I know as we go forward. I am thankful for the work of the Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition (KGPC), our City legal team for their leadership, and all residents who work tirelessly to oppose this development. Working together is the best course of action for all. To that end, City staff and I have been working closely with the KGPC to ensure that our arguments going forward are coordinated and fulsome. You can keep apprised of what is going on regarding this issue at

Preferred option #1 for the Halton Terrace Traffic Calming project has been recommended by City staff with construction starting, hopefully, in 2022.

A virtual community consultation on the apartment building application at 100 Weeping Willow Lane will be held on December 14, 2021 at 7 pm. Please see the Events page for the Zoom meeting details.

OC Transpo is offering unlimited no-charge transit for the month of December.

COVID-19 vaccines for children aged 5-11 years old are now available. Please visit for details, resources, and to sign up your 5-11 year old to keep them and all of us safe.

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