Storm Update from Acting Deputy Chief of Police, Paul Burnett

Police continue to coordinate with City of Ottawa, Hydro Ottawa and Ottawa Fire and Paramedics in response to City-wide damage caused by a significant storm that moved through the Ottawa area this afternoon. We continue to assess the situation and assess the full scope of the damage.
All available police resources are on the road and more police have been called in. Police and crews are assisting injured or trapped people and checking on the well-being of others. We are aware of several reports of serious injuries. We are communicating to the public through all social channels.
We are advising residents that:
  • Avoid travel if they can avoid it.
  • Treat downed traffic lights as four way stops.
  • Reminder: 911 is for emergencies. Officers and emergency responders are working to respond to highest priority calls.
  • Please do not call 911 to report downed power lines unless there are injuries.
  • Call 311 for downed trees.
  • If you know of a vulnerable person or are concerned about a neighbour – and if it is safe to do so — please check on them to ensure they are ok.
Significant Calls for Service
  • Major injuries to an individual in the West end of the City.
  • One barn destroyed in West end.
  • 40 vehicles were stuck on Woodroffe due to fallen power lines. (resolved)
  • Several homes were evacuated on Presland Rd. (resolved)
  • Roof blown off a home in the West end (Resolved).
  • Gas leak on the 2000 Block of St. Joseph Blvd.
  •  Multiple individuals were trapped in vehicles due to live wires on roads throughout the city.
  • 174 East bound is closed at Trim Rd. due to lives wires.
We are experiencing some cellphone issues, but Ottawa Police Communications is unaffected.
Further updates will follow.
Paul Burnett
Acting Deputy Chief