Hydro Ottawa Update: Damaged customer-owned electrical equipment

Sharing an update received from the team at Hydro Ottawa:


We wanted to reiterate that as we continue working to energize circuits across the city, it is of utmost importance that residents report damage to their home or business, and/or any downed power lines they may see on their property, to Hydro Ottawa.

Please report these downed power lines or outages through the Hydro Ottawa 24/7 outage line at 613-738-0188 or report it online. This will ensure that the outage is automatically tied to the residence and the Hydro Ottawa crews are notified immediately who are working 24×7 to restore the city.

Please note – anything you have already sent in, has been captured. It does not need to be reported a second time.

For damaged customer-owned electrical equipment, customers are advised to follow these four simple steps:

  1. Stay away, and do not attempt to repair the equipment yourself

  2. Call Hydro Ottawa’s Service Desk at  613 738-6418

  3. Seek a licensed electrical contractor

  4. Contact your insurer

This storm has impacted our city as a whole, and we understand there are pockets in some neighbourhoods that have sustained extensive damage to both our infrastructure, and customers’ homes. We are working on these smaller pockets of our city that are still without power, it’s important for our crews to know where the damage is located, if not reported already. This will help expedite our repair and restoration efforts.


Daniel SéguinDirector, Communications and Public AffairsDirecteur, Communications et affaires publiques