Kanata North Mosquito Nuisance Control Program- July 3-July 9 Update

Weekly report – July 3rd to July 9th 2022

Accumulation of water: 5 mm to 10 mm
Date of precipitation: July 5th
Is there presence of larvae on the field?: Yes ☐ No ☒

Was there a treatment? : Yes ☐ No ☒
Type of treatment: Ground ☐ Aerial ☐

Was there a post-treatment? : Yes ☒ No ☐
Larval Mortality: 100% mortality in treated sites
Is there another treatment to be done?: Yes ☐ No ☒

Was there trapping this week? : Yes ☒ No ☐
Number of traps: 6
• 362 Laughlin Circle
• South March Highlands Trail Network
• Marshes Village, 39 Turtle Point Private
• 228 Saddleback Cres, Arcadia
• Beaver Pond Park
• Jim Malone park

Were there any key requests from citizen or from city this week? Yes ☒ No ☐  -There were 8

Forecast for next week (July 10th to July 16th):
We have some rainfall forecasted for Tuesday which could potentially trigger another small treatment.
Possible treatment: Yes ☒ No ☐
If yes:
Type of treatment: Ground ☒ Aerial ☒
Date of planned: Potential for ground and aerial treatment by drone near the end of the week.


Message from GDG

We received an influx of nuisance reports from Kanata residents. Our trapping data so far shows that this is almost exclusively caused by a cattail marsh mosquito species, Coquillettidia perturbans. This species emerges once each year and can fly up to 10 kilometers from it’s breeding site, making it very difficult to control. Fortunately, they are a short lived mosquito and this peak will pass in the coming weeks. The window for larviciding for this mosquito is in the spring and fall. We have already applied larvicide for CQ in the spring to reduce the potential size of the population. We will be working this year to identify more breeding sites for this species to decrease in the future the type of nuisance we’re experiencing right now.

Trapping data shows that temporary water species are well under control compared to outside of the protection zone. Rain this week may trigger another treatment for these species.