March Road Sanitary and Watermain Upgrades – August 2022 Update

Sharing the latest update for the March Road/Shirley’s Brook Sanitary and Watermain Upgrades.

I understand the frustrations that this project is causing residents in the area as this project completion date continues to be pushed back. Please reach out to the Kanata North office if you are looking for more information or would like to speak further about the project.

August Update

Critical schedule updates:

  1. The construction labourer’s strike has been resolved; however, it has resulted in at least a 3-week delay to the overall project schedule. Contractors across the City are working with their subcontractor’s and the City to prioritize critical projects and are revising project schedules as required. We are not currently anticipating any further delays to the project as a result of the strike.
  2. The trenchless rock bore on Shirley’s Brook Drive between March Road and Inverary Drive which is out of tolerance is the critical path item for the project schedule at this point. Due to the nature of the work, it is difficult to provide an accurate schedule for completion. We are working closely with the Contractor to find methods to expedite this work to get the project completed as quickly as possible. Based on progress to date, completion of all works on Shirley’s Brook Drive are anticipated to be in October/November 2022.

General Update:

The following operations are anticipated to be ongoing over the coming month on the March Road Sanitary Upgrades project:

  1. Continuation of the trenchless work on Shirley’s Brook Drive from Inverary Drive to March Road (see above – note 2).
  2. The final asphalt reinstatement works in the urban section of March Road were scheduled to start on August 8th (anticipate +/- 2 weeks to complete). Work will primarily be on the west side of March Road (southbound lanes).
  3. The ditch and shoulder reinstatements in the rural section of March Road is ongoing and will be completed in another 2-3 weeks.
  4. Seeding of the ditch line will be completed in the first week of September.
  5. Shirley’s Brook Park landscaping will be completed first week of September.
  6. All pipe work (watermain and sanitary) has been completed on March Road. Only pipe work remaining to be completed is sanitary on Shirley’s Brook Drive between March Road and 10m east of Inverary Drive.

The following general impacts are anticipated due to this work:

Noise, Vibrations and Blasting

  1. Significant groundwater is continuing to be encountered on Inverary Drive which has necessitated operating pumps 24hrs a day. Pumping is required on Shirley’s Brook Drive until the completion of the trenchless works.
  2. Most of the trenchless work on Shirley’s Brook Drive between March Road and Inverary is has been completed. However there is remedial work to be completed over the next several months. This work is not anticipated to generate large vibrations. All operations continued to be monitored and are all well within allowable limits.
  3. Blasting operations on Shirley’s Brook Drive have been completed. Remaining rock removal to be by hoe ramming, which will take place in 1-2 months once trenchless work has been completed.
  4. There will be some paving operations taking place at night to complete the intersection work. Noise bylaw exemptions will be obtained as required. See Note 16.


  1. The Sandhill Road sidewalk and pathways through and around Shirley’s Brook Park have been substantially reinstated. The remaining section between the park and Inverary has been temporarily reinstated until the trenchless work is completed.


  1. Traffic is being shifted as required on March Road north of Maxwell Bridge Road/Halton Terrace. One lane each direction is being maintained at all times.
  2. Lane shifts during working hours will be required in the rural section of March Road (north of Maxwell Bridge).
  3. Westbound Shirley’s Brook Drive is reduced to one lane at the March Road intersection.
  4. Lane narrowing along Shirley’s Brook Drive, McKinley Drive to March Road, with intermittent flagging during working hours for Inverary Drive.
  5. Road closures for Klondike Road at March Road and Halton Terrace & Maxwell Bridge Road at March for asphalt placement. Road Closures will be overnight (7pm-6am) for 1 night each (schedule for August 15th & 16th).
  6. Road Closure for McKinley Drive from Banchory to Shirley’s Brook Drive (established May 31st) has been requested to be extended until September 30th, 2022. This closure is intended to limit the amount of traffic on Shirley’s Brook Drive to increase safety for the residents.

The completion date is projected to be October/November 2022 due to the delays in the trenchless works on Shirley’s Brook Drive.