City’s Storm Recovery Update

Sharing an update following the May 21 derecho storm event in Ottawa.

Management of Wood and Tree Debris

Since the beginning of distribution on July 8, 1,750 cubic yards of woodchips have been
delivered to seven City sites. Residents have picked up the equivalent of 64,545
standard garden mulch bags, creating a beneficial re-use of tree debris from the storm
on May 21.

On August 5, the full log auction closed with 7,371 cubic meters of logs sold from the
16,628 cubic meters posted on the site. The remaining logs will be repurposed as
firewood and block wood for distribution to the public.

As mentioned in the July 25 memo to Council, firewood and pieces of block wood from
City trees damaged by the storm will also be available for residents to pick up at no cost
beginning Wednesday, August 17. This material can be picked up at the City of Ottawa
site located at 4061 Strandherd Drive (Snow dump facility off of Dealership Drive at the
end of Philsar Street). Other potential pickup locations are being considered and these
will be communicated to residents when confirmed. Residents are being advised to
bring their own means for loading and transporting the wood. Residents are encouraged
to wear work gloves and appropriate footwear and be mindful of other people and
vehicles to keep everyone safe.

Residents are urged not to move the wood outside City of Ottawa limits. For more
information on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA) rules and regulations for
moving firewood, and regulated areas please visit the Government of Canada website.

Curbside Debris Collection

Public Works has been continuing to collect large storm related debris on a service
request basis and we are seeing fewer service requests. As the demand is much lower
and we need to start preparing for fall and winter operations, as of September 16, the
removal of tree debris and organic waste will return to regular leaf and yard waste collection and we ask residents to bundle and bag their leaf and yard waste appropriately as identified on the City of Ottawa website. Public Works also encourages residents to explore other beneficial re-use of their tree logs or firewood, such as posting on public sites.

Damage to City Right of Way

The City has received some reports of damage to lawns on the city right of way
adjacent to some homeowner properties as a result of the clean up efforts. Staff are
working on addressing the reinstatement of these lawns promptly. If residents notice
damage from the storm clean up on the ROW adjacent to their property, we ask that
they please notify 3-1-1 so staff can attend. If there is damage to the private portion of
the lawn, homeowners are asked to submit a claim through the city’s claims process.

Stump Removal

Forestry Services continues to work on the process for the removal of approximately
450 uprooted stumps and the reinstatement of the leftover portion of the lawn on city
right of ways. In the coming weeks, residents with uprooted stumps on the city right of
way adjacent to their properties can expect to receive a letter from the city to notify them
that their stump is on the list for planned removal and expected next steps.

As noted in the July 25 memo to Council, there are over 2,000 intact stumps remaining
after storm related tree removals. As priority is being given to uprooted stumps, intact
stumps will be addressed in 2023, from Spring to Fall. The process for removal of an
intact stump involves getting utility locates, grinding the stump, backfilling with soil and

We appreciate the ongoing support as our cleanup and recovery efforts continue.
Residents can visit the City’s storm recovery webpage for up-to-date information on
what supports are available.