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OPH Flu Vaccines Clinic

OPH flu vaccine clinics have expanded their eligibility to include children aged six months to five years and their household members. Please visit OttawaPublicHealth.ca/Flu for additional information or the following pages for information in Arabic, Chinese and Somali.

Arabic Hub – Ottawa Public Health

Chinese Hub – Ottawa Public Health

Somali Hub – Ottawa Public Health


Weekly Snapshot of the COVID-19 Situation in Ottawa 

In addition to updating our COVID-19 Dashboard twice weekly (Tuesday and Friday), Ottawa Public Health continues to release weekly animated presentations of key COVID-19 data and messages providing guidance to the public. These weekly snapshots are shared through OPH’s Facebook and Twitter channels and posted on our main COVID-19 website at OttawaPublicHealth.ca/coronavirus.   

Monitoring Indicators

  • Wastewater virus detection levels are high
  • Per cent positivity is high
  • New COVID-19 hospitalizations are moderate
  • New confirmed outbreaks are moderate


Key Takeaways

    • Our monitoring indicators show that COVID-19 levels in the community remain high.
    • Please note: while the % positivity fell from very high last week to high this week, we cannot say for sure whether the current levels are accurate due to an ongoing data system changeover.
    • In addition to COVID, our community is seeing an increase in respiratory virus activity and CHEO has flagged unprecedented volumes of infants & children w/respiratory symptoms from various viruses.
    • We strongly recommend wearing a well-fitted mask in any indoor and/or crowded public setting. Wearing a mask protects not just you, but those around you, too.
    • Staying home when sick & staying up to date with vaccinations are also very important. OttawaPublicHealth.ca/COVID19Vaccine 
  • ICYMI: OPH flu vaccine clinics have expanded their eligibility to include children aged 6 months to 5 years & their household members. Clinics will continue to serve those without OHIP who cannot access the vaccine through a pharmacy or healthcare provider. OttawaPublicHealth.ca/Flu