Updates from Ottawa Public Health

Sharing an update from Ottawa Public Health:

Neighbourhood Health and Wellness Hubs

Ottawa Public Health offers free drop-in services to all residents of Ottawa at our accessible Neighbourhood Health and Wellness Hubs. Find updated information on our website: OttawaPublicHealth.ca/NeighbourhoodHubs

Reduce Your Risk of Falling

Anyone can fall. But as we age, our risk of falling becomes greater. The first step to avoiding falls is to understand what causes them. Poor balance, decreased muscle and bone strength, and winter snow and ice can increase your chance of falling. Staying safe and on your feet is a matter of taking some steps to protect yourself. For more information, visit Ottawapublichealth.ca

Here are some resources to help reduce your risk of having a fall.

Weekly Snapshot and Dashboard

Our weekly Respiratory Virus Snapshots are shared through OPH’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels and posted on our main COVID-19 website at OttawaPublicHealth.ca/coronavirus. Check out the dashboard displaying information about respiratory virus activity: www.OttawaPublicHealth.ca/FluReport

Key Takeaways

  • We continue to see high levels of respiratory viruses circulating in our community, and we are still seeing a concerning increase in the levels of COVID-19.
  • Between the presence of these viruses, and new COVID-19 variants emerging, it’s very important to do everything you can to protect yourself and those around you.
  • This is especially important for those at higher risk. Overall risk increases with age, and respiratory viruses can also be more difficult for those with complex medical needs & those who are immunocompromised.
  • If you’re going to be in an indoor public setting, wearing a well-fitted high-quality mask will go a long way towards helping to keep you & the people around you safer from virus transmission.
  • Same goes with staying home when sick, especially with school resuming. If you’re feeling sick, please stay home to protect those around you.
  • Lastly, get your flu vaccine & stay up-to-date on your COVID-19 vaccines. The bivalent booster offers significant protection against severe illness and hospitalization…protection you’ll want to have as we get through these colder months.