Golf Course Updates

The Kanata Lakes community was built around the Kanata Golf and Country Club. The vision for our community included preserving 40 percent green space.  This was solidified by the signing of the 40 percent agreement in 1981. This document survives today and has been the instrumental in the shaping of our community.

I am committed to opposing any re-development of the Kanata Golf and Country Club.  This land is treasured green space in our community utilized by many daily in their travels and as part of their recreational activities. Critical life decisions and investments have been made by thousands in our community based on the legal foundation that no development would ever occur on the golf course.

In an effort to ensure the community is up to date and has full transparency of the work I am doing, I will continue to post updates here as new information is available.

Please know that I am working with you, and for you to prevent the loss of this space.

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ClubLink Update #44
While we are still waiting for the Appeal Court decision on the expedited hearing, I would like to provide a brief
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ClubLink Update #43
I'm very disappointed to share ClubLink’s resubmitted application for developing the Kanata Golf & Country Club.
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ClubLink Update #42
ClubLink resubmitted their development application yesterday at the same time as the court proceedings were occurring.
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ClubLink Update #41
The expedited Ontario Court of Appeal hearing in the ClubLink matter will take place on June 17 at 10 am
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ClubLink Update #40 
Sharing details on the appeal process, timing and next steps in our legal dispute with ClubLink.
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ClubLink Update #39
I’m very disappointed to share that I have just been notified that ClubLink has served the City with an appeal against Justice Labrosse’s decision in the
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ClubLink Update #38
Justice Labrosse has ruled in our favour that the Forty Percent Agreement will be upheld.
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ClubLink Update #37
Justice Labrosse's decision regarding the Forty Percent Agreement is delayed until further evidence from the Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition is
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ClubLink Update #36
I am thrilled to share that today, my Council colleagues unanimously voted to support the staff refusal of ClubLink's applications
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ClubLink Update #35
City staff recommend refusal of ClubLink application to develop the Kanata Golf & Country Club.
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